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  • The Best Support Team
  • 2016-10-20
    Hello, James here. I'm a small business owner hosting online services. I was initially skeptical signing on with Watta Server because of my complicated config and migration, but the price and what they offered I couldn't resist. My setup is completely custom so the migration had to be without issue so my customers experienced minimal downtime. I had a lot of questions to begin with, trying to feel out if they could pull off my migration. I started the conversation over live chat, which then moved to their ticket system. By the end of our discussion they convinced me that the entire migration could be completed with no downtime, as simple "like switching a light switch". So I jumped on board! We set a day and time and I left it to them, I just monitored via my portals. After all was said and done, EVERYTHING migrated with zero issues. My customers couldn't even tell any change occurred! I waited a month before posting this review to make sure there were no latent issues I would later find out about. But there has been nothing to report. Since the migration I haven't even had to contact their support! I thank the support staff who worked with me: Thomas, Jason, Xavier, and Alex. All whom were very knowledgeable and my network angels. Great work! Great Staff! Great company!
    James Levy
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