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We stand by our hosting, network, and customer service. That is why ONeilOnline is able to offer a Service Level Agreement that ensures a 99.9% uptime and efficiency guarantee for every class of hosting we offer.

We are here for you! We guarantee you will be happy with your hosting!

But you don't have to take our word for it, just read our testimonials!
  • Network Performance
  • 2017-06-27
    I host game servers at multiple locations with WattaServer / ONeilOnline in LA, Dallas, Chicago, Lenoir, London, and Frankfurt. All my gamers report the best pings they have ever seen, often below 10ms. LA to Australia 120-150ms. For this reason alone is why I have hosted all my servers with them. I haven't found another provider with a better network. Genuine guaranteed performance.
  • EU Hosting
  • 2017-06-22
    I have a few servers in London and Frankfurt for IPTV Hosting and VPN hosting. The support and performance have been excellent. No issues to report, looking to expand now.
    Andrei S
  • Hosting for VPN and SEO
  • 2017-06-20
    Two servers in Seattle and LA. Best performance and support. I recommend them. Sorry my english not so good, I would say more good.
    Xue Y.
  • VPS and Cpanel Hosting
  • 2017-06-10
    I have two servers, one in Chicago and another in Dallas. One a VPS node and the other a CPanel Server for web hosting. Watta Server installed cpanel for me and solusvm for me. Setup and config without any issues. Now I'm looking for setup the same config in Europe. The staff is excellent and very professional, very knowledgeable about everything, they know how to host, definitely a hosting company, probably why they have been around for so long.
  • Uptime and Performance
  • 2017-05-18
    Officially one year now and I haven't had a single minute of downtime or network performance issues. I monitor all my critical services with pingdom professional to confirm uptime. No issues to report, no tickets submitted, no performance issues.
  • Xen Hosting
  • 2017-05-10
    I have a Xen Server hosted with Watta Server in LA. 6 months in an I haven't had any issues with the node. I am looking for another E5 server in Dallas. With all their datacenters, I look to expand at all their locations. All my customers love the performance. I wish I found them sooner!
  • Great Support!
  • 2017-04-19
    I attempted to migrate my cpanel server to oneilonline. Through the entire process I needed help and between the live chats and tickets Jason, Xavier, and Thomas they all got be through it. I commend them for being so patient and understanding with me, I was pulling out my hair. Wow what an experience! I didn't know that oneilonline offered free migration, I didn't realize this until afterwards, I should have gone with that from the beginning and saved me the hair loss. Thanks again!
    John D.
  • IPTV Hosting
  • 2017-03-24
    I ordered a E5 dedicated server out of Paris for hosting IPTV. I was hesitant because it's always difficult to determine network performance. It's been 3 months now and the performance and uptime has been excellent. If this keeps up in a few more months I will be ordering another.
  • GMod Hosting
  • 2017-03-21
    My friend and I each have a dedicated gmod game server hosted at watta server. E3 with SSD and their performance rocks! Map changes load fast, no lag, REALLY low ping <10-24 during peak hours. I would recommend them to anyone interesting game server hosting.
    Mr. GMod
  • VPS Hosting
  • 2017-03-10
    I have a number of VPS hosted with watta server. The performance of their SSD hard drives for the nodes is top of the line. Excellent read/write times. No over selling or overloading of their nodes. A quality VPS provider everyone should be interested.
  • Dedicated Server Reseller
  • 2017-03-08
    I have my website integrated with the ONeilOnline inventory through their dedicated server reseller portal. It makes selling their services SO incredibly easy! The only thing I had to do was design my own website and paste their code into my site, presto! I was up and selling. Of course my customers are mine, and I run my own support portal. But when I reach out to ONeil support for up steam issues, they understand the critical nature, and are always quick to help and to resolve the issue. Their reseller program is all around great! Anyone interested in reselling hosting services should give them a go. Highly recommended.
  • "We can do it for you"
  • 2017-03-02
    Came across Watta Server from a google search from the ONeil Online website. The website stated "We can do it for you", and was very skeptical about that would mean or cover. I figured if they can help or do it for me, it can't hurt, right? The service from ONeil Online is INCREDIBLE. Always there for support, always helpful, always friendly. And they know what they are talking about, the knowledge depth is there. For example, technical programing and config questions, they had answers that worked the first time, no trial and error here. You can trust them to get the job done, a provider like no other. A great find.
  • VPS Node
  • 2017-02-24
    I currently have one VPS node with Watta Server. Had a number of upgrades on hardware so the server was a custom build and pricing. Their sales guy Jason talk through all the options for me, especially highlighting specs and performance. His knowledge of hardware was incredible. Post service activation, Jason also helped me with config and questions. Was always helpful and friendly. I'm about to order 2 more servers, in different geographic regions. I made the right choice in provider.
    VPS Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting @ WattaServer
  • 2017-01-15
    I have had 3 dedicated servers at wattaserver now for 6 months. All the guys who play with me online, from all over the world, have always complimented how great their ping is for the server. No lag, rubber banding, or network issues. And download times are fast for really large files. Very impressive. I have already recommended wattaserver to 4 people who have inquired. I have nothing bad to say or report.
  • No issues to report
  • 2017-01-12
    I have two dedicated servers with wattaserver. I received one server an hour after the order was placed, and received the second within 6 hours. Network and server performance has been great. Never any downtime, connectivity, or network issues.
  • Excellent VPS Hosting
  • 2016-12-08
    I have had 20 VPS hosted with Watta Server now for a year. Never had any issues or downtime. I would recommend them to anyone.
    VPS User
  • 100% Uptime and Service
  • 2016-11-22
    I have a dedicated server with watta server and have never experienced any issues with them. Since I purchased the server 3 years ago, I have yet to open a support ticket with them. The best uptime and service!
    Another Happy Customer
  • The best server hosting company!
  • 2016-11-14
    We have been a dedicated server reseller of ONeilOnline and their brand WattaServer for over a year now. Their custom portal makes it really easy to automatically updating my website server listings. All their services can be white labeled so we can put our rubber stamp on everything which works out great. Their staff is always available and quick to respond whenever I have an issue or question. Anyone interested in reselling dedicated servers should check them out.
  • ONeil Online does more than server hosting.
  • 2016-11-01
    We were looking for a local IT company to step in and handle our network issues on a contract basis. I found ONeilOnline from one of their billboard advertisements. Our introductory meeting was very interesting and I walked away very impressed. Not only do they do IT and hosting but go above and beyond also doing network administration and developing websites custom tailored to your wants and needs. They are a full service hosting company. Our company has been very happy working with their staff and their service. I would recommend them to any company, large or small.
  • The Best Support Team
  • 2016-10-20
    Hello, James here. I'm a small business owner hosting online services. I was initially skeptical signing on with Watta Server because of my complicated config and migration, but the price and what they offered I couldn't resist. My setup is completely custom so the migration had to be without issue so my customers experienced minimal downtime. I had a lot of questions to begin with, trying to feel out if they could pull off my migration. I started the conversation over live chat, which then moved to their ticket system. By the end of our discussion they convinced me that the entire migration could be completed with no downtime, as simple "like switching a light switch". So I jumped on board! We set a day and time and I left it to them, I just monitored via my portals. After all was said and done, EVERYTHING migrated with zero issues. My customers couldn't even tell any change occurred! I waited a month before posting this review to make sure there were no latent issues I would later find out about. But there has been nothing to report. Since the migration I haven't even had to contact their support! I thank the support staff who worked with me: Thomas, Jason, Xavier, and Alex. All whom were very knowledgeable and my network angels. Great work! Great Staff! Great company!
    James Levy